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Are you tired of looking at your budget, month after month, realizing you overspent… in almost every category? From groceries, to entertainment, to personal care and more - it’s easy to overspend. First it’s overspending on Amazon, or at Costco, then somebody gets sick, then it’s time for Girl Scout cookies…

If this sounds like you, you need a Crush Your Budget Challenge! This free, 4 week email challenge will tackle the most common overspending areas, including:

  • Groceries 
  • Entertainment 
  • Gifts/Holidays
  • and more!

Each week, we’ll cover easy, practical ways to reduce your expenses in each category. You’ll spend the rest of the week implementing these changes until, eventually, they become normal habits and your budget gets back to normal!

Me at the wedding!

Melissa Berry

Millennial. Formerly hater-of-budgets, now grudgingly likes them. Dog mom. Newlywed (ish... 2 years is still new, right?) Loves meal planning, doesn't love doing dishes. Ready to kick my budget into gear for 2018! More here.

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